Congratulation Messages on Naming Ceremony

Congratulation Messages on Naming Ceremony/ Congratulation Wishes on Naming Ceremony/ Congratulation Messages and Greetings on Naming Ceremony/ Congratulation Wordings For Naming Ceremony/ Naming Ceremony Congratulation Wishes

Send your heartfelt congratulation messages to show the parents how happy you are for the naming ceremony. Make it sincere and brief enough to fit in a gift card or small piece of paper attached to the gift for the baby. 

Read on to find the perfect congratulation messages for the naming ceremony day. 

  • May your child be blessed and protected by God’s wonderful love. Congratulations!

  • Just like the name, your child is truly a blessing to you and to us all. Congratulations!

  • May (baby’s name) grow in the tight circle of love and protection from family and God above. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! Your baby is as adorable as you are. May the blessings of love and protection be upon you all.

  • Today is special among other days. Congratulations to your family on this naming day.

  • A name so special and so sweet is just as perfect for a lifetime to keep. Congratulations!

  • Best wishes to your family as (name) is named this day. 

  • I wish you a life filled with blessings and happiness. Congratulations on your naming day!

  • Best wishes for a lifetime filled with love. Congratulations (baby’s name)!

  • Thinking of you on your very special day. With lots of love, Your Godmother.

  • Hugs, kisses, and best wishes. Congratulations on your naming day, Baby (name).

  • Congratulations on your naming day, Baby (name). May your life be filled with lots of love and happiness.

  • Congratulations on your baby’s naming ceremony. Thank you for inviting us to this wonderful occasion.

  • Congratulations on this first milestone of your life. May you experience the joys of life to the fullest!

  • Today is a wonderful and joyous day. Congratulations, Baby (name)!

  • All the best to Baby (name) and the family. May your life be full of memories to cherish.

  • Blessings and love come to your on this wonderful day and for your whole life through, Baby (name).

  • Wishing you continuous blessings from God above. Congratulations!

  • May this day be the start of a faithful life and lasting faith in God. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations on your naming day. May today be as special as all the days of your life.

  • Wishing you and your baby all the best that life can give. Congratulations!

  • The moment I saw Baby (name)’s name, I knew he/ she would be an adorable little angel. Congratulations!
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Reply To Baby Congratulaion Messages

Reply To Baby Congratulation Messages/Reply To Baby Congratulation Wishes/Reply To Baby Congratulations/Thank You Messages for Congratulatory Wishes After Birth Of Baby

When your friends and relatives send you congratulatory messages for your new baby, it’s great to reciprocate the gesture by sending them a reply. Simple thank you wordingss from the heart will be enough to acknowledge their message and to show them that you appreciate the thought. Here is a collection of  reply to baby congratulation messages that you can use to convey your gratitude and thanks to your loved ones. 

  • Thank you for the well wishes for my new born. This feeling is just amazing. 

  • I do pray that my baby would be healthy and happy all his life. Thank you for your well wishes.

  • You’re so sweet. Thank you for your kind and lovely thoughts. Baby is just all smiles now. 

  • If only my baby could talk, he’d wish you the same. God bless and thank you.

  • Thank you for your well wishes. Our little bundle of joy says hi.

  • Thank you for the greetings on the occasion of me having a baby.

  • It was good to hear from you. Thank you for your encouraging message.

  • It was great to receive congratulations messages from you.Thanks! 

  • I appreciate all your well wishes. Thank you so much. 

  • I was really pleased with you well wishes and greetings. 

  • I am thankful for colleagues like you who remember this occasion.

  • Thanks for taking the time to send your well wishes.

  • Thank you for your kind message. Yes, it was a team effort. 

  • Thank you for the support. I appreciate the gesture of dropping me your note.

  • It’s good to know that friends like you are thinking of me. Thank you!

  • Yes this time we were lucky. Thank you for your well wishes.

  • Reading your message filled me with happiness. Thank you. 

  • I am lucky to have friends like you who think of me and our baby’s well-being. 

  • I am so blessed to be surrounded by people like you. 

  • I feel great to have a friend like you. Thank you for your well wishes.

  • It’s great to have friends like you around. Thank you.

  • It was great to read your note. That was really sweet of you. Thank you.

Belated Engagement Congratulation Wishes

Belated Engagement Congratulation Wishes/ Belated Wishes For Engagement/ Belated Engagement Wishes/Belated Congratulation Wishes For Engagment

Engagement wishes always bring happy thoughts of love and happiness to the engaged couple. Belated engagement wishes are still worth sending. So if you have forgotten to send engagement congrats to your friends send belated congratulation wishes right away. Here is a collection of belated engagment congratulation wishes.

  • I am so happy to hear about your engagemennt! I just came to know last evening. Sending you loads of love and congratulations to both of you. 

  • Best wishes to the happy pair, at last you are getting married. I am sorry this is quite late! 

  • I hope it is not too late for me to congratulate you for your engagement party. 

  • When you introduced your boyfriend to me five years ago, I knew he will be the one for you. Congratulations you are engaged now! Sorry for being late. 

  • Sorry my wishes are reaching you quite late. Congratulations on your engagement! I wish all the best until your wedding day. 

  • Your love will finally be sealed on your wedding day, I am happy to hear about the engagement. I am so sorry I was not able to come to your engagement party. 

  • Your dream of becoming one will finally come true as you tie the knot on your wedding day. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you, I am so sorry this message came late. I still believe that it is better late than never.

  • Happy Engagement my dear brother! At last, you are getting married. It is about time for you to settle down with the lucky woman, Cheryl, my future sister-in law. I am sorry this note is quite late. 

  • Happy Engagement to the wonderful couple! Sorry I just arrived from my travel abroad; I was not able to attend your engagement party. 

    • May God always bless you as you begin your marriage journey from your engagement party. Congratulations! 

    • Looking forward to a lovely future for both of you. I am sorry I missed your party, you know the demands of my work in the hospital. I am excited to see you soon, dear. 

    • Engagement party news is always a wonderful thing. Sorry, I missed it, but I sincerely wish you the best as you start a new chapter in your life. May the whole wedding preparations will be smooth and hassle free. I cannot wait to see you walking the isle. Congratulations! 

    • Belated engagement wishes for you and Charles. Best wishes on your engagement, unfortunately, I missed the party. May your dreams come true as you start a new life together. Congratulations on your engagement! 

    • I am sure you will be a wonderful couple, I wish you joy and happiness in your marriage life. Congratulations! 

    • A bright future is coming ahead as you officially announced your engagement. I am sorry I missed the party. 

    • May your love grows more after your engagement party, until your wedding day, and thereafter when you start a new life together in marriage. Belated wishes for your engagement. 
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    Belated Wedding Congratulation Messages

    Belated Wedding Wishes /Belated Wedding Congratulations Messages/ Belated Wedding Congratulation Wishes/ Belated Congratulations Wishes For Wedding 

    A wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. If you forgot to send your wedding wishes to the couple in time, sending a belated congratulation wedding message is a must. 

    Here ia a collection of thoughtful belated wedding wishes to choose from.

    • I am sorry to have missed your wedding, but I wish this message is not too late. Belated Happy Wedding, I am sure it was a blast!

    • I was the first who got excited about your wedding, but for personal reasons I was not able to come on your wedding day. I know you will be both happy together, Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

    • Belated wishes for my two best friends, I am happy for both of you!

    • I would like to know that you are in my thoughts especially on your wedding day. Congratulations to both of you. 

    • It is never too late to wish you happiness and long lasting marriage. Best wishes!

    • Congratulations to the newly-wed couple. I know I have missed the celebration, but you were in my thoughts and prayers on that day. I wish you a lifelong and blissful marriage.

    • I am very sorry I missed your wedding. Congratulations to both of you, may your marriage will be a happy one and be blessed by many kids.

    • Your union is a celebration of your special love. It is unfortunate that I was not able to witness the ceremony last (date of wedding) I am sure you had a great celebration.

    • My congratulations note is a bit late, I still want to extend my warmest congratulations. God bless the two of you always.

    • Congratulations to my dearest cousin, you know how important your wedding day to me. Because of my work training abroad, I failed to come. Wishing you and Charles a great time together in marriage.

    • Congratulations to a brighter life together. Belated happy wedding!

    • Greetings to a great couple, my congratulations of love and happiness will always be with you.

    • Wishing you joy and everlasting happiness. Happy married life to both of you.

    • I heard it was a great affair, I wish I was there with you to witness the special moments of your life. When you walked the isle, the ceremonial “I Do”, and the fun-filled wedding celebration at the reception. Unfortunately, I am still in the hospital recuperating from my illness. I hope to see you soon with your husband. Congratulations my dear friend.

    • I saw your Facebook postings of your wedding. The photos showed it was a blast and had a momentous wedding celebration, I regret I was not able to come. Congratulations to you and your husband, Harry, may you have many years together.

    • Hi Andrea, I am so happy about your wedding but really sorry for not attending. As your mentor and friend for almost ten years, I know that you have dreamt of this life. May the Lord bless you in this journey, congratulations!

    • I hope this message was not too late. I am sorry for not attending your wedding. I thought I can go back from my trip abroad in time for your wedding ceremony, but my employer did not allowed me to go back earlier. Wishing you the best in life with your wife.

    • Forever together! Congratulations to the newly-wed couple, I felt terrible that I am not around for your wedding. May your marriage be guided and love-filled always.

    Reply to Congratulation Messages, card or email

    How to respond to congratulation messages, card or email/Reply to Congratulation Messages, card or email/ Response to Congratualtion Messages/ How to respond to Congratulatory email 

    Here are some ideas for sending a reply or response to the congratulation messages. Read on to find the perfect response wordings for congratualtion messages. 

    • I war really surprised when I received your congratulatory message.  Thank you for extending your wishes on my graduation day. 

    • I am humbled by your gesture of sending your congratulation wishes, thank you so much.

    • Thank you for your gift and message congratulating me on my recent national tennis tournament victory. Your support helps me a lot to be a better player.

    • Your love and support helped me through my four years of studies, thank you for sending me a message on my graduation day celebration.

    • After the arrival of new member in our family I was really happy to see the congratulation messages in my inbox. Thank you all for your lovely messages, I am looking forward to see you soon in my house.
    • I am thankful for the people who supported me through these years. I am thankful for your kindness and congratulations message you sent last week. 

    • My fiancĂ© and I would like to thank you for your attendance during our engagement party. Thank you also for the gift and congratulations message, we hope to see you on our wedding day.

    • I will never accomplish building a new house without your support. Thank you for being there always and I am touched by your warm congratulations letter that you handed to me during the house blessing last Saturday.

    • I got your congratulations message just today when I came back from a holiday. After my graduation celebration, I had a travel vacation in Europe. Your message was never late, I am so thankful for your message. 

    • After I informed my friends about my pregnancy, you are the one who gave me first a gift with a wonderful congratulation message. Thank you so much, I am so happy with it. 

    • I received your message congratulating me for being on top ten in the class. I will not be successful in achieving my goals in studies without you. 

    • I am so happy to receive your letter of congratulations, thank you so much for your support. 

    • I am so glad to hear from you. Your message of congratulations gave me more inspiration to be better. 

    • I appreciate your congratulation wishes. It felt so good to have them. Thank you so much. 

    • Thank you for thinking of me, congratulations message are always makes the heart grow. 

    • Thank you for thinking the best for me, I really appreciate your congratulation note you sent yesterday. 

    • It’s been a week after we have opened our new branch, thank you for your continued support and wishes. 

    • Thank you for sending me a note congratulating me for passing the board exam. Please come on (date) at my house for the simple celebration. I would be glad to see you there. 

    • I am surprised when I opened my mail this morning, I am glad to read your email congratulating getting the job in downtown. I have waited for this opportunity to come, thank you for wishing me the best. 

    • I am happy for your simple gift and wishes for my successful concert last Saturday. I will try to make another concert this year, I hope you will attend again. 

    • I appreciate well wishers most especially from a friend like you. Your congratulations message means a lot. 

    Lesbian Weddings Congratulation messages

    Congratulation messages for Lesbian Weddings/ Sample Congratulation Messages for Lesbian Weddings/ Lesbian Weddings Congratulation messages / Lesbian Weddings Congratulation Wordings

    Show your love and support for your lesbian family member, friend, or colleague who is getting married.  Here is a list of congratulation lesbian wedding messages for you. Go ahaead and choose the best message that fits your thoughts to congratualate the Lesbian couple on the wedding.

    •  I know you were head over heels over with Natalie.  Now that you just got married to her, I cannot imagine how happy you are to found someone who is beautiful inside and out.  Congratulations to both of you!

    • Two beautiful souls who are in love to each other.  I am happy for your wedding, may you live a happy life together. 

    • You made her happy and you are the person who is willing to give her everything.  You deserved to be loved by her.  Congratulations for a happy wedding!

    • I have seen how romantic and beautiful your relationship with Charlize, I am not surprised that you are getting married soon.  Congratulations!

    • Your true love has come! Congratulations to both of you, I wish you a lifelong love and partnership. 

    • Your family believed that getting married to your girlfriend was not a good idea, but you have proven that it was your best decision in your life.  You have proven to your wife that you really loved her so much.  I am proud of you my friend, I wish you both happiness and love always.  Congratulations!

    • Getting married to Julia is worth the challenge.  Your love shine through at the end of the road, congratulations you are getting married to the most beautiful girl in the campus.  We never thought you will end up with her, well, she deserved you well too.  Congratulations!

    • Congratulation to a wonderful couple, two ladies who happens to be in love to each other.  Have a great marriage life together.

    • A lifetime partnership for both of you.  Congratulations you have come to this wedding day where your love be finally be sealed.

    • I do not see two women getting married but two people who are in love who deserved each other.  Congratulations on your wedding day.

    • You must be proud on marrying Christine; you have loved her ever since college days. Now, you are marrying the girl of your dreams.  I am so happy for you.  Congratulations!

    • Get ready for your “I Do”, congratulations to both of you.  More happiness and excitement after your wedding ceremony.

    • May your love grow more as you become one, congratulations to my two best friends!

    • May you grow old together as you begin your journey on your wedding day.  Great to see you both on the altar, congratulations!

    • I wish you a lifelong marriage with Kirsten.  I am happy for both of you.

    • I am happy  that Chelsea is finally joining our family, she is like a family ever since you have been partners for many years.  I wish you a  lifetime happiness for both of you.

    • My dearest sister, best wishes to your wedding with Shane.  I saw how happy you are when you are with her and so as she with you.  I know the goodness of your heart, you deserved o be happy. 

    • All the best in your marriage, you are not only a co-worker in the office, but became my friend.  I am happy for you and your lifetime partner.

    Congratulation Messages For Gay Marriage

    Congratulation Messages For Gay Wedding/ Congratulation Messages For Gay Marriage/ What to write in a Wedding Card to a Gay Couple/ Wedding Wishes For Gay Couples/ Wedding Congratualtions to Gay Couple

    Gay Wedding Congratulations! Not knowing what to write well help is at hand. Send your best wishes for the gay couple by choosing any of these congratulation messages for gay wedding. 

    We are sure you will find the perfect congratualtion message for gay wedding in our amazing collection of sample wedding congrats wordings for gay couples. 

    • Wishing you a lifetime love and companionship for each other. Congratulations! 

    • I am happy for both of you. You deserve each other. Congratulations on your wedding day. 

    • Love knows no boundaries. Your love for each other proves it. Congratulations Paul and Charles.

    • You have so many things in common and you go well together. Now you are truly one.Best wishes to both you.

    • You complement each other, I am not surprised when I heard the good news. Happy wedding day and I wish the best of life for both of you. 

    • By not giving up of your love to each other, your waiting paid off. Finally, you are married. Enjoy a beautiful life together! 

    • Happy wedding! I am glad you have found your soul mate.

    • Congratulations for a well-deserved marriage. The right time has come for both of you to enjoy a life together. I wish you a lifetime partnership.

    • My best friend, I am always here for you and support your decisions though it may be unpopular or wrong to others. I believe in you and your capacity to love someone who makes you happy. Best wishes!

    • You have fought a good fight because you know it is worth it. He is someone who makes you happy and completes your life. Best wishes to you, newly weds.

    • The best gay wedding I have seen! I am simply happy for you my buddy. I hope to see you soon after the honeymoon. Congratulations!

    • Hi, cousin Larry! I heard you got married to Charles. I think you will be great together. Congratulations and please extend my wishes to your better half. 

    • Congratulations to my two special men in my life. I only wish you a life full of joy and love together. Happy wedding day!

    • Two beautiful souls in one, sharing one love and life together. Congratulations to both of you.

    • The best partners in the world, I love you guys. My full support is with you. Congratulations to a new life together. Happy wedding!

    • You are a perfect match, you have a lot in common. Congratulations and have a blissful life.

    • In spite of all the odds you have come through this end, a beautiful end for both of you. Happy wedding day!

    • May your relationship get brighter now that you are one. Wishing you the best of marriage life.

    • A wonderful journey just started for the two of you. I only wish the best for both of you. Congratulations!

    • A couple made in heaven, congratulations to both of you. Have a happy marriage life.

    • I can see a lot of rainbows sparkling under the sun as you tie the knot on your wedding day. Congratulations!

    • May love and bliss continue as you spend the rest of your married life together. Cheers and congratulations to the two most loving men I have ever known. 

    Sample Invitation Wordings

    Sample Invitation Wordings
    Invitation Wordings For All Occasions