Lesbian Weddings Congratulation messages

Congratulation messages for Lesbian Weddings/ Sample Congratulation Messages for Lesbian Weddings/ Lesbian Weddings Congratulation messages / Lesbian Weddings Congratulation Wordings

Show your love and support for your lesbian family member, friend, or colleague who is getting married.  Here is a list of congratulation lesbian wedding messages for you. Go ahaead and choose the best message that fits your thoughts to congratualate the Lesbian couple on the wedding.

  •  I know you were head over heels over with Natalie.  Now that you just got married to her, I cannot imagine how happy you are to found someone who is beautiful inside and out.  Congratulations to both of you!

  • Two beautiful souls who are in love to each other.  I am happy for your wedding, may you live a happy life together. 

  • You made her happy and you are the person who is willing to give her everything.  You deserved to be loved by her.  Congratulations for a happy wedding!

  • I have seen how romantic and beautiful your relationship with Charlize, I am not surprised that you are getting married soon.  Congratulations!

  • Your true love has come! Congratulations to both of you, I wish you a lifelong love and partnership. 

  • Your family believed that getting married to your girlfriend was not a good idea, but you have proven that it was your best decision in your life.  You have proven to your wife that you really loved her so much.  I am proud of you my friend, I wish you both happiness and love always.  Congratulations!

  • Getting married to Julia is worth the challenge.  Your love shine through at the end of the road, congratulations you are getting married to the most beautiful girl in the campus.  We never thought you will end up with her, well, she deserved you well too.  Congratulations!

  • Congratulation to a wonderful couple, two ladies who happens to be in love to each other.  Have a great marriage life together.

  • A lifetime partnership for both of you.  Congratulations you have come to this wedding day where your love be finally be sealed.

  • I do not see two women getting married but two people who are in love who deserved each other.  Congratulations on your wedding day.

  • You must be proud on marrying Christine; you have loved her ever since college days. Now, you are marrying the girl of your dreams.  I am so happy for you.  Congratulations!

  • Get ready for your “I Do”, congratulations to both of you.  More happiness and excitement after your wedding ceremony.

  • May your love grow more as you become one, congratulations to my two best friends!

  • May you grow old together as you begin your journey on your wedding day.  Great to see you both on the altar, congratulations!

  • I wish you a lifelong marriage with Kirsten.  I am happy for both of you.

  • I am happy  that Chelsea is finally joining our family, she is like a family ever since you have been partners for many years.  I wish you a  lifetime happiness for both of you.

  • My dearest sister, best wishes to your wedding with Shane.  I saw how happy you are when you are with her and so as she with you.  I know the goodness of your heart, you deserved o be happy. 

  • All the best in your marriage, you are not only a co-worker in the office, but became my friend.  I am happy for you and your lifetime partner.

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