Reply to Wedding Congratulation Messages

Reply To Wedding Congratulation Messages/ How to Respond To Wedding Congratulation Messages/ Sample Reply Wordings For Wedding Congratulation Messages/ Response to Wedding Congratulation Messages

Although you may be too tired from the festivities of the wedding celebration; you must take out time to respond to the wedding congratualtions received from your loved ones. A short and thoughtful note is more thank enough to show your appreciation. Here is a amazing collection of reply to wedding congratualtion messages that you can use.

  • Thank you for your lovely message of congratulations. It was very encouraging and loving. Thanks a ton for your wishes.  

  • I felt blessed to be surrounded by loving friends like you. Thank you for your congratulation message.

  • Thank you for your congratulation message. You are right. I am very blessed, indeed!

  • Thank you, everyone. I received your heartfelt congratulations through a video and we are deeply touched by the effort.

  • I appreciate your kindness to send us a congratulation message even though we are far apart. Thank you.
  • Thank you for your meaningful congratulation message. I will remember your advice.

  • Thank you for all the congratulation messages you have given. We are truly touched by the response and the flood of well-wishes for us.

  • You are so thoughtful. Thank you for remembering us during our wedding.

  • Thank you for your kind words of congratulations. We will cherish the memories of the wedding forever.

  • Thank you for your congratulations. It wouldn’t have been possible without your help as well. 

  • Thank you for your well wishes. I hope we can meet up again soon for a longer chat.
  • Thank you for your lovely messages of congratulations. Each message added to the cheerful spirit of the wedding. 

  • Thank you for the message of congratulations and also for the gift. We will never forget you.

  • We cherish all the heartfelt well-wishes we received on our facebook wall. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. You made our wedding day extra special.

  • Thank you for making us feel special with you wedding congratulation messages.

  • Your kind words of congratulations made us smile. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for thinking of us and sending well wishes to start our married life. We will cherish your kind words.

  • Your words are golden. Thank you for your encouragement and well wishes on our wedding day.

  • Thank you for taking time to drop me a note of congratulations! We are deeply grateful for your thoughtfulness.

  • Hi! It’s good to hear from you again. Thank you for remembering us on our wedding day!

  • It feels great to receive tons of congratulatory messages on our wall. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for your kind words and well-wishes on our wedding day. You will always be remembered.

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