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The announcement of the arrival of a new baby brings mixed emotions to any new dad or dad-to-be. Welcome the baby into the world with joy. Share the happiness by congratulating the new father as this may be a daunting time in his life. 

Go ahead and share the joy and best wishes to first time dad by sending him heartfelt congratulation messages for new dad. 

  • I celebrate this day with you as you step into the exciting world of fatherhood. Congratulations, buddy! 

  • The best gift of all is the gift of life. Congratulations for bringing a beautiful bundle of joy into the world.  May your house be filled with laughter and joy as you welcome the new addition to your family.

  • I am so happy to know that you are a daddy now. Congratulations! May your baby grow healthy and happy under your care. Enjoy your time with your cub. Time flies fast. 

  •  Congratulations, new dad! As this new chapter of your life unfolds you will welcome new challenges but these will be overcome with more blessings. Welcome to fatherhood.

  • The nine-month wait is over.  Your arms will no longer be empty and your bed will be invaded by an adorable newcomer. Enjoy them while they’re young. Congratulations! 

  • The day has finally come. You bundle of joy has arrived. I am also excited to welcome your baby boy/ girl. I hope to see you all soon. Congratulations!

  • Life may be full of surprises, but one thing’s for sure, your becoming a dad-to-be is no accident. A baby is a great blessing to your life, no matter how daunting the reality may be. Congratulations still! Remember, I will be here to support you, my dear friend.

  • Congratulations! You have been given a great gift. The Lord has entrusting a precious gift for you to love, to hold, to raise, and to share your life with. You are truly blessed. 

  • Congratulations! Your life will never be the same again, now that you’re a father. I am sure that you will be the coolest dad in the world. Cheers! 

  • There is nothing more peaceful in the world than to see and feel your baby sleeping in your arms. The sun shines brighter and all of the troubles in this world seem to vanish in that magical moment. Congratulations for being a new dad!

  • The little one will arrive bringing the biggest joy of all.  More smiles and laughter as well as tears will follow. All will be worth it. The gift is that priceless. Congratulations to the new dad-to-be!  

  • The long wait is over and you are now a dad. I wish you, your wife, and your baby happiness and good health. May your home with love, laughter, and lots of patience. Welcome to the world of parenthood. Congratulations! 

  • I am so happy to have heard that you are now a dad. I’m sure your baby will grow as smart and as handsome as you are. I can’t wait to see and cuddle your son.  When the challenges or fatherhood become too overwhelming, do remember that I am just a phone call away. Congratulations! 

  • Hey, bro! I just learned from my sister that you just got promoted to fatherhood. Congratulations, man! That’s is one of the most challenging and most fulfilling role in the world. I am so happy for you.

  • Congratulations on having a baby. Relax and get lots of sleep now. You won’t be getting much of that in the next few months. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to call, OK? I am so happy for you. Get ready for the most awesome mission of your life – fatherhood.

  • I heard the great news! A new boy in the family is a great blessing to everybody. Congratulations new Dad! 

  • How do you like to be called “Dad”! Sounds great isn't it? Congratulations! 

  • An angel came from above, and you are the lucky one to be blessed to be given a chance to experience fatherhood. Congratulations to you new dad! 

  • Having a new baby comes with great responsibility, shower your baby  with love, care, and support. Congratulations new dad! When and where’s the party? 

  • I know how ecstatic you are when your baby was born, I am sure that you will be a great dad for him/her. Congratulations! 

  • Welcome to the world of tantrums and nappies, congratulations for being a first time Dad. 

  • God has gifts you with a beautiful responsibility first time Dad. Cherish every moment with your new born baby. Congratulations!  

  • A little hand on top of your palm, it is amazing! May you always remember that moment as you go through life with your new born baby. Congratulations! 

  • A tiny angel in your arms can make your heart melt down, congratulation for the amazing new addition to the family. 

  • Your new born baby looks like a carbon copy of you. May he grow up just like you who is good and responsible in life. Congrats new Dad! 

  • My cute niece had come to the world, she looks like me! Can you agree? I am so proud of you brother, congratulations to you! 

  • We are very happy to hear about the new born baby. I am sure that you will be a good Dad to (name). Congratulations! 

  • Your dream has finally came true of having your own daughter/son. Take care of your priceless possession. Looking forward to your party celebration. Congrats first time dad! 

  • A unique gift has arrived, your house will be filled with laughter and smile. I can imagine the joy of the whole family.Congratulations! 

  • The legacy will be passed to your new born, he/she will be proud of having a father like you. Congratulations! 

  • Being a father is not an easy responsibility, there will be sleepless changing nappies or taking care of the baby. Be ready and be happy, there will be sacrifices but its worth doing!. Congratulations and goodluck to your new role in life.

  • The party night’s out are over now, welcome to the fatherhood club. Congatulations first time dad! 

  • Your role is not only to provide but also to nurture the child with a fatherly love. Congratulations first time dad! 
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