Wedding Congratulation Messages For Parents

Wedding Congratulation Messages For Parents/ Sample Wedding Congratulation Messages For Parents/ Wedding Congratulation Messages For Parents Of The Bride/ Wedding Congratulation Messages For Parents Of The Groom 

Wedding is a special time for not only the bride and groom but also for the parents who raise their children. Multiply their joy with sweet and simple messages accompanying your wedding gift. 

And if for some reason you cannot attend the wedding do send the congratualation wedding messsage to the parents of the bride or parents of the groom. Read on to find the perfect sample wedding congratualtion messages for parents. 

  • It seems like yesterday when you had invited me for her 1st birthday. You’ve been a doting mother and a strong one too. How time flies. Many many congratulations on the wedding of the little doll. 

  • Your “little fairy” has grown into such a beautiful woman, as lovely and as strong as her mother. Wish you lots of joy on the fairy’s wedding.

  • Tempus fugit! The little one with braces has grown into a beautiful woman and is getting married too! Heartiest congratulations on your baby’s wedding.

  • Congratulations for the wedding of your dashing dude. The little boy has been such a focused, responsible boy. We wish him all the success in life.

  • Congratulations for the wedding of your daughter/son. What a lovely way to start a new phase of life.

  • Congratulations for the wedding. Lucky boy is indeed fortunate to have such supportive parents who have stood by his choices. Wish him all the best in life and congratulations to you once again.

  •  You have raised a beautiful child with your unconditional love and support. It has all culminated to the joyous and prosperous phase of life when he is getting married. It is so nice to see your prayers being answered. Congratulations my dear friend. Keep smiling always.

  • I have always admired you for the way you brought up your child traversing the ups and downs of life with dignity and love. Heartfelt best wishes on the wedding of your son/daughter.

  • It’s such a lovely feeling to see your children get married. I wish you lots of joy, gaiety and love on this special occasion.

  • Heartiest congratulations from our entire staff on the occasion of the marriage of your son/daughter.

  • You’ve been more like a family and less like neighbors. Congratulations on the wedding of your adorable daughter. We look forward to happy times for our dearest friends and neighbors.

  • May the tinkering of wedding bells usher a joyous time of your life. Congratulations on the wedding of your son.

  • Your son could never have better parents and your daughter-in-law could never have better father and mother in-laws. Wish you lots of joy, prosperity and love on the wedding of your son.

  • You’ve been dreaming of this day for so long. Congratulations on the wedding of your daughter.

  • Congratulations and celebrations on the grand wedding of your lovely daughter.

  • A time to love and feel loved. A time to be happy and spread happiness. Congratulations for this wonderful time.

  • Congratulations to the beautiful daughter’s beautiful mom. Lots of blessings and love to you my dear friend.

  • If every dream of mine comes true, all I wish is that stars shower their blessings on you. Congratulations for this beautiful bright day! And may there be many more such joyous occasions in the future too.

  • Oodles of love and loads of best wishes to the lovely parents of such a lovely girl. Congratulations.

  • I always whisper a little prayer that you remain happy and glowing as ever. God has blessed you with so much joy now that your daughter is getting married. Keep smiling always as you now enter another joyous phase of your life. 

  • Congratulations to the best colleagues and the best parents too.

  • The Lord has such a lovely way to show how much He cares for all of us. This special occasion is His way of telling you how much He loves you. Enjoy this new phase and live life to the fullest each day.

  • I have always said how much I admired your courage and your unconditional love for your daughter. As a single parent, you have been remarkable and truly an example for others too. It’s so nice to see that your sacrifices have finally paid off. Heartfelt warm best wishes and congratulations on the wedding of your lovely daughter.

  • Congratulations on this joyous occasion and may there be many more to come.

  • Congratulations to both of you on the wedding of your adorable darling daughter. May she be as admirable as her mother in her new role. Congratulations once again.
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  1. I agree that wedding is a special time for bride groom and for their parents too. How I can forgot my wedding day. Now I am arranging things to plan a party for my vow renewal day. It will be really an emotional day for all of us.


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