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Having a daughter or a princess at home brings so much joy to the parents and family. All the care and love are given every step of the way especially on her great moments in life. Here are sample congratulation wordings  which you can use to convey your congratulation wishes to your daugter. 

  • My dear Rachel, hats off to a job well done. Your promotion lifts you up to the next level!

  • To a much deserved promotion, congratulations! Keep up the good work, daughter.

  • At last, the most awaited moment has come! Congratulations on your second baby. May God bless you and your baby girl. 

  • Dear daughter, congratulations to your wedding. May it be filled with respect, love, and harmony.

  • It is all worth the struggle. Congratulations on your promotion!

  • Congratulations to your First Holy Communion, daughter. May this be the beginning of a life full of graces and spritual enlightment.

  • Hardwork paid off, congratulations for being the top-notcher of the year! Kudos my daughter!

  • Your dedication and hard work paid off. Congratulations to the success of your new project!

  • My dear daughter, welcome to adult world. Congratulations on your 18th birthday! Enjoy the party!

  • Another milestone in your life, congratulations for making it to the top of your career, my daughter . A job well done!

  • Congratulations on your birthday my dear daughter. May you be blessed with good health and peace of mind. Cheers for more happy years!
  • My dearest daughter, congratulations on your first job. A new challenge, a new adventure, a lot of success!

  • Congratulations (name of daughter) for passing the board exam. I know that you really worked for it, let us celebrate this weekend together with your friends and cousins. You are free to invite anyone.

  • I am so happy when you called me about passing the scholarship exam. You just do not know how proud I am. Congratulations, (name of daughter)!

  • I am happy for your engagement party. I can feel that Harry is the right man for you. He is decent, respectful, and cares for you. I and your Dad are always here to support both of you. Congratulations!

  • I am so proud of you Sarah for the successful play gala last night, getting the lead role is a big opportunity to pursue your future dreams. Congratulations my dearest.

  • Congratulations on your graduation (name of daughter), your Dad and I are so proud of your achievement. You have been a good student and daughter always. We will have a travel vacation trip for your celebration.

  • Congratulations my darling Angel for winning the regional tennis championship last Saturday. Your discipline and hard work on trainings paid off. 

  • You are always been a special and talented girl. I am so elated when I saw you on stage singing, this is a dream fulfilled for you. When you won, you brought so much happiness to me and to the whole family. Congratulations my dearest daughter.

  • My pretty darling, you are always been the Ms. Universe of the family. Now that you are crowned as Ms. Universe, we are so proud of you. I can still remember how you imitate beauty queens, you stand in the mirror while trying to walk as a beauty queen. Enjoy the time of your life! 

  • Congratulations, (name of daughter) for having a new house for your family. After a year of planning and construction, you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am looking for the housewarming party.

  • You always wanted to start of your own and prove that you can achieve your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Congratulations for the opening of your new restaurant.

  • For my precious daughter, congratulations for giving birth to twins. They look like me!
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