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Retirement of colleague, boss or employee is a sensitive matter for the person who is retiring. Don’t go over the board with sentimental messages but do convey your message with simplicity and the motive being to make the other person smile. 

Read on to find the perfect sample congratulation message for retirement.

  • You have been the most cooperative coworker. Best wishes for a wonderful life ahead. 

  • It has been our immense pleasure working with you and learning so much from your experience. We will miss you.

  • Enjoy a new phase of life minus the work pressures.

  • Wish you a very happy post-retirement life. But we will continue to nag you just the way we used to trouble you here. Just to make sure you don’t forget us.

  • Best wishes on retirement; you have retired from office, not our memory.

  • I hope that your retirement opens new avenues for a talented person like you.

  • I know that you can’t sit idle for long. So why not utilize this time and live your dreams?

  • Best wishes on retirement. Retirement is not the end of the journey but the beginning of a beautiful new voyage.

  • You have worked so hard all these years. Now is the time you enjoy the result of that hard work. Have a wonderful post-retirement phase.

  • Retired from office but not from work. I admire the spirit with which you have continued your professional journey, especially now as a consultant. All the best for the new role.

  • Congratulations on retirement. When I retire I want to be just like you – proud, honest and happy.

  • Do all the things you always wanted to do but didn’t have the time for! Enjoy your retirement.

  • No more Monday morning blues. No more late nights. Only joyous time spent with children and grandchildren. Have a wonderful life ahead.

  • Your lively disposition will be sorely missed at lunch breaks and coffee times. Do keep in touch with your old colleagues.

  • Enjoy every moment of your well-deserved freedom. Wish you all the best.

  • We have learnt life’s valuable lessons from you. Thank you for all the things you taught us and best wishes for a beautiful life ahead.

  • Every day with you was a learning experience. You have cooperated with me so much. I can never thank you enough.

  • Congratulations. You have earned a much deserved break from your ever hectic schedule.

  • Some time for yourself. That’s what you have always wanted. As your friend and colleague, I have always seen you busy. Now I want to see you relaxed and happy. Enjoy yourself my dear friend.

  • Before you retire, there’s one new assignment I would like you to personally look into. And that is taking care of yourself and enjoy life.

  • You will always be an inspiration to our team members with you hard work, sincerity and cheerfulness. We will miss you.

  • Congratulations on your retirement. Remember we are just a call away if you want to gossip or just chat. Do keep in touch.

  • Thank you for devoting so many years to the growth of our organization. We can never repay your kindness. Thank you and best wishes.

  • Health, happiness and long life for our dear friend. Welcome to the retired yet busy club. Get ready for golf tomorrow.

  • Enjoy the relaxation of retirement as much as you enjoyed working hard. All the best. 
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