Belated Wedding Congratulation Messages

Belated Wedding Wishes /Belated Wedding Congratulations Messages/ Belated Wedding Congratulation Wishes/ Belated Congratulations Wishes For Wedding 

A wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. If you forgot to send your wedding wishes to the couple in time, sending a belated congratulation wedding message is a must. 

Here ia a collection of thoughtful belated wedding wishes to choose from.

  • I am sorry to have missed your wedding, but I wish this message is not too late. Belated Happy Wedding, I am sure it was a blast!

  • I was the first who got excited about your wedding, but for personal reasons I was not able to come on your wedding day. I know you will be both happy together, Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

  • Belated wishes for my two best friends, I am happy for both of you!

  • I would like to know that you are in my thoughts especially on your wedding day. Congratulations to both of you. 

  • It is never too late to wish you happiness and long lasting marriage. Best wishes!

  • Congratulations to the newly-wed couple. I know I have missed the celebration, but you were in my thoughts and prayers on that day. I wish you a lifelong and blissful marriage.

  • I am very sorry I missed your wedding. Congratulations to both of you, may your marriage will be a happy one and be blessed by many kids.

  • Your union is a celebration of your special love. It is unfortunate that I was not able to witness the ceremony last (date of wedding) I am sure you had a great celebration.

  • My congratulations note is a bit late, I still want to extend my warmest congratulations. God bless the two of you always.

  • Congratulations to my dearest cousin, you know how important your wedding day to me. Because of my work training abroad, I failed to come. Wishing you and Charles a great time together in marriage.

  • Congratulations to a brighter life together. Belated happy wedding!

  • Greetings to a great couple, my congratulations of love and happiness will always be with you.

  • Wishing you joy and everlasting happiness. Happy married life to both of you.

  • I heard it was a great affair, I wish I was there with you to witness the special moments of your life. When you walked the isle, the ceremonial “I Do”, and the fun-filled wedding celebration at the reception. Unfortunately, I am still in the hospital recuperating from my illness. I hope to see you soon with your husband. Congratulations my dear friend.

  • I saw your Facebook postings of your wedding. The photos showed it was a blast and had a momentous wedding celebration, I regret I was not able to come. Congratulations to you and your husband, Harry, may you have many years together.

  • Hi Andrea, I am so happy about your wedding but really sorry for not attending. As your mentor and friend for almost ten years, I know that you have dreamt of this life. May the Lord bless you in this journey, congratulations!

  • I hope this message was not too late. I am sorry for not attending your wedding. I thought I can go back from my trip abroad in time for your wedding ceremony, but my employer did not allowed me to go back earlier. Wishing you the best in life with your wife.

  • Forever together! Congratulations to the newly-wed couple, I felt terrible that I am not around for your wedding. May your marriage be guided and love-filled always.

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