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Buying a brand new car is a joyful occasion. Sending a congratulatory message to your friends or family members who bought a brand new car is a must. Here is a collection of sample congratulation messages for new car to choose from. Read on to find the perfect congratulatory wishes for new car. Also check our collection of congratulation messages on passing driving test
  • Congrats! Heard you bought a new car. Enjoy your ride in your brand new car with your family...

  • Saw you riding the brand new car down the lane. Congrats! You might be really happy as it is your first car. Enjoy you ride buddy, but don't give up walking altogether. 

  • Heard you bought a LandCruiser. Congrats and enjoy your luxury ride! I just hope that you will not forget me and will give me a ride once in a while on weekday mornings.

  • So you saved big money to buy an SUV. Hope you will be magnanimous to give me ride in the mornings. I may need a ride to the store for weekend shopping as well. Congrats!

  • Once you used to hold my hands and walk. Then you learned to walk on your own. Now you bought your own car. Son, I am so proud of you. Congrats and God bless!

  • You bought a Skoda Ocatvia and it is an amazing car. Behind the wheel, you are much more amazing. I am overjoyed to see you riding this new car. Congrats and safe driving!

  • I am glad to know that God has gifted you with a sweet little car. I wish you joy and happiness and a new adventure altogether with your family. Congratulations buddy! 

  • Congratulations on The New Car. It might mean a lot to you as you always wished you had one and saved for it. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable ride ahead! 

  • Have a smooth journey on your brand new car along Life 's long road. Saw you riding a red All New Mazda3 Sedan. It is fuel efficient car and a great choice. Congrats for your new car! 

  • So you've finally bought the dream car home. Congrats! I 'll be dropping by to do a test ride as I am planning to buy one soon. Having your own car is essential for some jobs. May your new car take you to new places and open up windows of new job opportunities. 

  • Your new car is cool, just like you. Your first step of buying a brand new car is sure to take you miles and miles on life's long road. Congrats dear! 

  • I envy you for lot of things. A new car is the latest addition. Congrats and you truly deserve it. I pray that you pay off your car loan soon! 

  • Your hardwork paid off, congratulations for having a new car. Drive safely! 

  • Have a safe journey with your new car, congratulations friend! 

  • Enjoy the ride of your life with your new sports car. 

  • Having a new car comes with great responsibility as well, enjoy and be a responsible driver. Congratulations! 

  • Make beautiful memories with your new car, enjoy it to the fullest with your family, friends, and your someone special. Congratulations! 

  • First time gives you always the best memories. Driving experience can be thrilling and scary especially if you are driving a new car! Goodluck and congratulations! 

  • You are a winner for having new hot wheels! Congratulations to you. 

  • Congratulations to you! Looking forward to go with you on a long drive in your new car. 

  • Congratulations for having a new car, may God always protect you everytime you hit the road. 

  • Son, you deserve a special gift for being a topnotcher in school this year. A key is waiting for you at your room with your favorite car brand. Congratulations and keep up the good work. 

  • Congratulations for having a new car. It is a great feeling to have a car for the first time, but remember that it should not define your character. Stay humble and be a responsible car owner. 

  • I heard the great news, I can’t wait to see your new car parked in your garage. Let us celebrate dude! 

  • Enjoy your new BMW car, its hot and classy! The special girl is lucky. Congratulations! 

  • Congratulations with the new purchase of a BMW brand new car. You are one lucky guy! Enjoy the speed, smooth, and luxurious drive of your life. 

  • New wheels in the garage, great my friend. Congratulations, enjoy every inch of it! 

  • Fancy new car can get you beautiful girls around, but don’t forget there is only one special one that truly deserves your ultimate ride. Congratulations for having a new car. 

  • Congratulations! I know how happy you are with your new car. Let me be with you on your first ride adventure. 

  • Honey, you really deserve this new car promotion incentive from the company. Your dedication and hardwork paid off, I can never be thankful and proud for having a husband like you. We are all excited to have a family trip with our new car!!! 

  • To my lovely wife, I have found the key to your heart. I am happy to see your eyes glow when you saw our new car parked in our garage. Our family deserves a comfortable and more spacious car for our trips. I am happy to share the happiness and create more memories with you. I love you!

So what are you waiting for? Send the perfect congratulatory message for the new car to the proud owner right away.

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