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An extended family of new parents who have just ushered a new phase of their life is just the moment for writing in and conveying your joy and blessings. So don’t delay a moment. Multiply smiles and share these congratulation messages to new parents right away.

Arrival of a new baby in the family marks the beginning of a new season in the life of a couple. If you are wondering on what to say to the first time  parents and what congratulation message to send them? Well help is at hand. Here are some cute congratulation messages for new parents that you can use to write to any family or friend with a new born baby. 

  • Can't believe nine months have passed. Time really flies. Heard your baby is born. Congrats! I would drop in next week to see your baby boy. May you have many years of incredible parenting.

  • Congrats on your new born baby! You baby looks really adorable. Welcome to the world of parenting. This role will be very different from all other roles you have taken up so far. It may be challenging but rewarding as well. 

  • Congrats! You are now embarking on an adventure called parenthood. Enjoy your trip and God bless.

  • Just saw on your Facebook profile that you welcomed your little one. Congrats! Now on, your life would be more adventurous and exciting. You might even value your baby's nap time. Enjoy your journey, buddy! 
  • Congratulations on your first baby! My wishes are with you and your family. It is going to be an adventurous journey and you'll enjoy every minute of it. 

  • Congrats! Welcome to this world, O Little Baby! I am sure that this baby will make your dreams come true one day. May your little one have an unblemished innings in this world. 

  • Cheers to you and your growing family. The little one will brighten up your life. Congrats and Happy Parenting! 

  • At last, your little angel has arrived. Congratulations! May his life be filled with abundant joy and happiness. 
  • The coolest thing you can have in this world is your baby. Congrats! May your little one grow in understanding, wisdom and knowledge in every way. God bless! 

  • Another phase in your life. Congrats! You are a mother now. Enjoy this journey as only few in this world are blessed to have an adorable daughter. 

  • Heard you got twins. Congrats for the double blessings that you got. I hope all goes well and the joy and togetherness of the family also multiplies in double proportion. 

  • Congratulations for the new parents! Your baby is truly adorable. Now, you are on a stage and you are the players on this stage. This role can be tough at times, but it is fun at the same time. All the best! 

  • His Royal Cuteness is unbelievably cute. Congratulations.
  • Adorable is the word for your little one. This little toothless guy has my heart for keeps. Congratulations and blessings.

  • When the baby smiles you will forget all your sorrows and embrace the joy the little bundle brings with him. Best wishes to all of you.

  • Along with your baby, you also grow. Bid couple days adieu and happy diapering fellows.

  • So much of sweetness in one awesome baby. I wish this sweet little princess a charming ever after. God bless.

  • Congratulations to the new Mamma and Papa. The baby is just adorable. 

  • The baby has got all the charm of Daddy dearest and all the beauty of Mamma darling. 

  • Congratulations to both of you and God bless.

  • Sweetness personified and limitless cuteness. Mix the two and what you will get is a baby who’s just like you two. Congratulations for the adorable munchkins.
  •  Congratulations to a lifetime of getting paid back in love, giggles and twinkling eyes. Congratulations to parenthood. 

  • Congratulations for welcoming the joys and world of parenthood. Best wishes and blessings to both of you.

  • She’s an adorable wish come true. Many many heartfelt congratulations.

  • Remember as children we used to love catching dandelion seeds and break into uncontrollable giggles? It seems as if those moments and that experience is back. To see your daughter in my arms is simply beautiful. Love you and best wishes.

  • Embrace the changes that parenthood brings with love. For love is the tie that binds baby and the mother. Congratulations on being the parents to an adorable baby boy.

  • Mesmerized! From the time I held the little doll in my arms to the time she clasped my fingers. I’m going to raid your home every week. Be forewarned. And heartiest congratulations. I love the little doll.

  • A little angel lights up your life and the sunny glow can be felt from miles across. There’s a radiance about you my dear daughter and the smile just lights up your eyes. This is the magic that a baby fills your life with. Congratulations and God bless.

  • I wish I could just fly to you and see my cute little nephew I miss you all so much. Big hug to both of you for this cute little bundle of joy. He’s simply unbelievably adorable.

  • Congratulations for experiencing priceless moments that the Lord bestows on privileged few. Blessings.

  • Congratulations on being the proud parents of a bonny baby. Our entire staff gets together on this memorable moment to wish the lucky parents a lifetime of joy that is multiplied every time it is shared.

  •  Just look at that adorable baby plastered on my desktop. He’s got your button nose and is unbelievably cute. I just can’t wait for my holidays to start so that I can just come down to you and shower him with all the gifts. Congratulations on being mamma to such a cute baby boy.

  • A time for toothless man ruling your hearts forever. A welcome new phase of life. Enjoy every moment of motherhood my dear. Congratulations.

  • “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” – Psalm 127:3-5

  • Can’t wait to see the new addition to the family. Congratulations. Am so happy for both of you.

  • Congratulations. I can’t believe this bubbly little sister of mine is now a mamma. Lots of love to all of you my sweet sister.

  • No greater joy, no fonder wish, no prettier dream. Your baby has that divine radiance. So beautiful. Heartiest congratulations.

  • Congratulations on being proud parents to the world’s most adorable baby. He sure can melt the hardest of hearts with just a yawn. Super cute. 

Send your excitement as a thoughtful congratulation message to the new parents, be it on a card, as E-mail or via social media. What matters most is your message and wishes send to the new mom n' dad and their new baby.

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