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There’s no joy as compared to birth of a Baby Girl. She’s a princess, doll , angel– everything rolled into one. So express your fondness and love for the little princess who has you tied up to her dreamy world with these beautiful congratulation messages. 

Read on to find the perfect congratulation wishes for new born baby girl. 

  • Your little princess is now crowned as the ‘most adorable baby in the world’. Congratulations to the proud Mom and Dad. 

  • Pink symbolizes gentleness, grace, poise and all that is feminine. This shade of affection is wished for your little baby on this day as you bring her to her home for the first time. Welcome back and congratulations. 

  • The stork tied pink ribbons around her crib to make her look even more adorable. Congratulations on your pretty princess’ arrival. 

  • She looks like a little fairy. Heartfelt congratulations on being blessed with a baby girl. 

  • Pretty, perky and perfect. Congratulations on a new life that has pink-rose color hue. 

  • Best wishes and warmest felicitations on the pretty in pink addition to the family. 

  • A little girl is the best friend you always wished for but never had. Heartfelt congratulations. 

  • "A son is a son till he gets him a wife; a daughter is a daughter all her life”. Congratulations on being blessed with a lifetime of joy and love. 

  • Congratulations. Hope the mother and daughter are in the pink of health. 

  • A beautiful baby girl is just what you needed to make your family complete. Congratulations and blessings. 

  • May her bright smile light up your lives with a golden glow. Blessings on the arrival of your adorable baby girl. 

  • What a gorgeous giggly new addition to the family. Welcome and congratulations. 

  • Congratulations for Daddy’s little girl. I have absolutely no doubt that she’s going to be pampered by Daddy dearest. 

  • May the darling little angel fill your lives with love and joy that is unparalleled. Congratulations. 

  • Congratulations and oodles of blessings as Little Miss Sunshine enters her new home. 

  • Sun-kissed blessings all the way from fairyland coming your way little adorable darling. Best wishes to parents. 

  • Beautiful and bubbly. Gorgeous and giggly. May she fill your lives with sugar and spice and everything nice. Congratulations. 

  • Your precious little girl is such a doll. She is just beautiful, like her mother. Congratulations. 

  • Congratulations for the beautiful blessing dressed in pink. She’s adorable. 

  • Congratulations to the proud parents on the arrival of a beautiful little girl. With Mommy’s eyes and Daddy’s nose, she’s sure to be gorgeous when she grows up. 

  • May your daughter grow up to be a strong, beautiful and confident young lady; just like her mother. Congratulations. 

  • What a dream my little cupcake looks like. She’s just like me – cute as a button. Congratulations to both of you for getting Mini-Me. 

  • May your home resonate with echoes of her giggles. May your hearts light up with dreams in her eyes. Best wishes on the arrival of a beautiful baby with fairy dust sprinkled on her. 

  • “On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true” – Today I am reminded of this Carpenter’s song as I see her little hands clasp my finger. Adorable is she. 

  • Congratulations on this special blessing into your life. Give her all the support and encourage her dreams and you will see that she reaches out and touches the sky. 

  • Congratulations on your new arrival. She is very lovely and such a princess. May your new born baby girl bring years of nicest things and memories. 

  • Your baby girl is amazing. Congratulations! Be ready for a pinky life with your little princess. All the best for the baby girl! 

  • Congratulations on your baby girl! We are sure that your life is going to be filled with excitement memories as well as pink and pretty things. 

  • We are so happy to see you with a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations! No doubt that she is your daughter because she has a pretty face like yours. Good luck for being a mom to your princess. 

  • Your little baby girl is an awesome addition to your family. I wish all the best and may her sweet smile make your world brighter. Congratulations! 

  • I heard the good news! Congratulations on your new baby. May your little girl fills your family with happiness and love by her little smiles. 

  • Congratulations on your new baby girl! Enjoy the rewarding experience of parenthood. Cherish every moment with your princess. 

  • Wow! Your baby girl is so adorable and cute. Get ready to change everything in pink. Enjoy girly life with your lovely baby girl. Congratulations! 

  • Congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful baby girl. I’m sure she will be treated like a princess. Wishing all the best as you become her parent. Your life will be soon full of pinkish things and dolls. What a beautiful life! 

  • We are so delighted about your newborn baby girl. Congratulations because she is so cute and healthy. We are pretty sure that you can be the best parent for the baby girl. Wish you all the best in life and enjoy life with your little bundle of joy. 

  • Congratulation on your baby girl. I know that you are excited in this journey of your life since it’s gonna be filled with princesses memories, Barbie dolls, dresses, gowns and pinkish stuffs.

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