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Winning a scholarship is a happy and proud moment for not just the winner but also for the friends and family. Whether it is arts, music, dance, sports or higher studies, the effort of working towards a scholarship deserves praise.

Here is a collection of congratulation messages for Scholarship which can be of great help for coining the right words that stem out from sheer joy. To congratulate via Facebook do check our collection on sample congratulation messages for FaceBook.

  • Congratulations! It’s so nice to see that your hard work has finally paid off. 

  • Heartiest felicitations. Hope this scholarship opens the gateways to your bright future.

  • Many many congratulations. I know how much you have had to struggle. And am so proud of you.

  • We’re all happy and proud of your achievement. Keep it up.

  • Congratulations and celebrations. Keep the smile intact for today’s party my dear.

  • Well done. You have made all of us extremely proud and happy.

  • Big hug with bigger wishes for even higher accomplishments and a bright, successful future.

  • Very well done. You deserve this glorious achievement after all the hard work you have been pouring in. Congratulations once again.

  • Congratulations. On behalf of the entire staff and students of our institution, we would like to take this opportunity to felicitate you on your stupendous achievement. We hope that the way ahead is even brighter with this scholarship being the foundation of your future success.

  • Congratulations. I am sure this scholarship will enhance your prospects, paving the way for better career opportunities. 

  • Congratulations for this major accomplishment. May you have many more such achievements. God bless you always. 

  • Heartiest congratulations and best wishes for being on the threshold of a new life whose foundation you have laid with this scholarship.

  • Congratulations on achieving this scholarship on your own steam. It doubles my pride to think that you did all the hard work without taking any help from anyone. 

  • Congratulations. You reached for the stars and grasped one too. Hope you grab the others as well.

  • Congratulations for being the first one in our family to get such a prestigious scholarship. 

  • Congratulations for the scholarship. It’s so nice to see your fondest wish come true. Well done.

  • Congratulations. It’s indeed a dream come true; for me and for you. 

  • Congratulations. Keep it up! This calls for a big party. Don’t panic, the party is at my place.

  • Congratulations. See you when you are rich and famous my dear friend.

  • Congratulations on winning the prestigious music scholarship. The symphony of practice and talent has resulted in the high notes of success.

  • Way to go! You have scored high and are all set to achieve your goal. Play on my dear friend.

  • A masterstroke of scholarship from such a renowned art school is a fabulous stroke of destiny on the canvas of your life. Best wishes for now and beyond.

  • Congratulations for the first step towards achieving your dreams. Dream big and work hard towards the realization of those dreams. God bless you.

  • You have made us all so proud today. My little boy is a winner all the way. Keep it up son.

  • May the gateway to a new life open up for my baby girl. You are the best daughter, not only for winning this prominent scholarship but also for having the inner strength to make your dreams come true. Well done my dear. 

  • I heard the good news, I am so proud of you my niece you really deserve the scholarship. You are bright and hard working, it ‘s in the genes right!

  • Congratulations on your scholarship, you have one day free shopping date with your favorite Auntie. 

  • I cannot wait to see your graduate, I am excited about the college scholarship. Congratulations! 

  • Scholarship means you have a bright future ahead of you. Make the most of it, congratulations! 

  • I know you worked very hard for your scholarship, you really deserve it. Congrats! 

  • Not all are given the opportunity to have the scholarship. You are blessed, goodluck to your future challeges. Congratulations. 

  • My good friend, congratulations for getting the scholarship. Your parents are proud of your achievement. Keep up the good work! 

  • Congratulations to a new scholar in town! We are really proud of you! 

  • You are really an A plus student! You are beauty and brains in one, I know the scholarship means a lot to you. So congratulations in passing the scholarship program test. Welldone! 

  • I am a proud parent and very fortunate to have a son like you. Aside from studies, you manage to have a part-time job because you want to help us in your studies. Now that you are granted with a full scholarship, I thank God for this wonderful blessing. Congratulations, son. 

  • I heard that you were just granted a four-year scholarship course at (name of school), Congratulations! 

  • The whole family is so proud of you, I am sure Mom and Dad are so delighted. I hope I can follow your footsteps my big sis! Congratulations! 

  • Our school is so proud and honored to have you as one of the top scholars of (name of university). Goodluck to your higher studies and future career. Congratulations (name of scholar). 

  • It is my pleasure to congratulate the new scholar, this achievement is the start of your success. Congratulations! 

  • Congratulations for achieving a sports scholarship in our school, I am excited to see you in action. 

  • We have seen you how you sacrificed personal activities in order to have high scores in class. Now that you are granted a university scholarship, your parents are really proud of you. 

  • I am delighted to hear about your scholarship. I will support you all the way in achieving your goal. Your success is my success too. Congratulations honey.

So if you know someone who was just recently granted with a scholarship, go ahead and send the perfect congratulatory wishes for scholarship using the best wordings from our amazing colletion of sample congratualtion messages for scholarship.

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