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There’s something very cute about twin babies and their antics. They just take your heart away. So if you know someone who’s just had twins you must share this amazing joyful time with the family. 

Here is a list of heartfelt congratulation wishes and messages which you can use to convey your congratulation wishes for twin babies.

  • Congratulations congratulations for for twin twin babies babies. Double the joy!

  • Joyous times not once but twice. Congratulations for making my day two times over.

  • A duet of happiness and harmony resonates in your home now. Such a beautiful time that’s twice as nice.

  • Giggles and twinkles – multiplied by two. What a wonderful time for both of you.

  • Bless the stork that added the joy and gave us a beautiful girl and a handsome boy. 

  • How does it feel to have two adorable mirror images of you? Congratulations.

  • Now I’ll have 2 beautiful faces beaming at me with their wide smiles and twinkling eyes. Blessings and best wishes.
  •  That’s double the cuteness. Double celebration in store for you my dear. Heartiest congratulations.

  • They are just adorable and there are no two ways about it. Best wishes twice over for you.

  • Two sides of the same coin. Congratulations on having your mirror images prancing about the home. 

  • It definitely takes two to tango. Quite a handful are these two. Congratulations for your adorable twins.

  • Mamma and babies are as alike as two peas in a pod. Best wishes to the three of you for making the world a more beautiful place.

  • Congratulations to the new dad and mum who have to open their arms wide to hug their two beautiful babies. 

  • Welcome to a roller-coaster ride that has double the fun with a sweet daughter and a cute son. Heartiest congratulations.

  • Two of the most loving and caring parents are blessed with two babies to share all that love inside. Heartiest congratulations.

  • Double the work and double the joy of hearing “I love you Mommy”. Congratulations to the beautiful Mom and handsome Dad.

  • Four baby blue eyes to make you see the world so bright and four little arms to hug you tight. Congratulations on twins my dear friend.

  • Best wishes for blue-eyed boy and baby pink doll and lots of diapers from summer to fall. 

  • God made my wish come true and gave me a one plus one offer too. Congratulations for adorable babies.

  • Cuddles and giggles multiplied by two, double dose of love in store for you. Congratulations. 

  • A circle of love and cradle of joy is wished for the darling girl and adorable boy.

  • One is just not enough. You have doubled the fun and crazy times and we love you twice over for it. Congratulations.

  • Beautiful miracles can happen not once but twice. And you have made this impossible possible. Love you and blessings.

  • A he’s adorable. B she’s beautiful. Congratulations to both of you for having double the joy.

  • The merry-go-round just got merrier. Two times the celebration for the new Mom and Dad.  

  • A bunch of congratulations to your twin babies. May you have tremendous memorable memories with your twins. Enjoy your babies! 

  • Isn’t it adorable? You have twins now! My warmest congratulations for you. I think it’s true that it is not easy to take care twins but enjoy the journey my dear. Twins are cute and they are blessing from heaven.

  • Managing two lovely babies is like a storm however, loving them is like rainbow, bring colors to life. Congratulations! 

  • You have a serious reason to celebrate because you are living a life with your lovely twins. Congratulations! 

  • The best times of your life is about to start with your adorable twins. You need to double the hard work and mommy duties. 

  • God blessed you with not one but two babies. Having twin is such a blessing from heaven. We celebrate with you. Congratulations! 

  • Congratulation for the twin. Always be a fair parent to them. Give them enough love and care they need. God bless and enjoy life with twin.

  • Life is beautiful and full of surprises. We are very happy for your new blessings in the family. Congratulation on your twin babies! 

  • It is good to know that you just had a safe delivery. Plus, we would like to congratulate your for having a healthy twin babies. May you be filled with joy and happiness as you begin life with your two lovely little ones. 

  • Wow! What a bundle of joy plus the fact that it is double fun! Get ready for double laughter, hugs, noise and effort. 

  • Congratulations on the birth of your twins! Everything should be done in double, it’s hard but bear in mind that loving and caring your twins is priceless.

  • Congratulations for the two little precious from heaven. Twins are twice the smiles and love. Be the best parent for them and do everything with a love. 

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