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Sending congratulatory notes to your sister can be the sweetest and most loving thing you can do especially during occasions that mean a lot to her. Even the simplest of events can become extra special when you send a heartfelt congratulation message to your dear sister. Read on to find the perfect congratulation wordings for sister right here. 

  • Congratulations to you, dear sister, on your graduation day. You have worked day and night to finish this college degree, and now you’ve got the diploma on your hand. Go forth and follow your dreams!

  • Congratulations on your wedding day, my beloved sister. May your new life in marriage be filled with love, happiness, and contentment. I wish you all the best!

  • I knew from the start that you’re the brightest girl in class. Congratulations for being the class valedictorian! I’m so proud of you, my little sis!

  • By the way you look, beaming with happiness and love, I am so certain that you have found the right man who will make you happy. Congratulations on your engagement. Always remember that I will just be here in case you need someone to help you with your arrangements. That’s what sisters are for! I love you!
  • What a splendid stage presence! You left the audience in awe! Congratulations on your wonderful performance tonight, sis. Cheers!

  • Congratulations on your new job, sis! I wish you all the best as you continue to move from one career milestone to the next. I am proud of you!

  • Today is the big day that you will start a new life in your lovely new home. Congratulations, dear sister! The rewards are worth all your effort. 

  • You new car is absolutely stunning. You look so powerful and classy as you drive it. Congratulations on your new car. May your ride be always safe and may it bring you to the best places you have always wanted to see.

  • I am so happy to see that you are happy and in love again. Congratulations on your new boyfriend. Don’t worry, I won’t be a “kiss and tell” sister. 
  • Congratulations! Finally you got the new cellphone you have always wanted. Your frugality was worth it! Enjoy the new gadget!

  • Congratulations, my dear sweet sister for bringing in to the world another sweet baby. We welcome the latest addition to the family.

  • Congratulations for winning the contest, sis! You really slammed your opponent well. Onward to future victories!

  • My sister, you have always been my source of inspiration. I am so happy to have learned of your successful international deal. Congratulations! I am so proud to have a sister like you! I hope to be someone like you someday.

  • New ventures means new challenges, but I know so well that you can overcome any obstacle until you reach the peak of success. Congratulations on your new business, sis!

  • The successes of you children are your pride and treasure. Their achievement is credited to none other than you, their mom. Congratulations, dear sis! 

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